Below you can read testimonials from some of my clients and followers:

– Various Presentations and Lectures

Siminn, TelecomSiminn

“I have had the pleasure to attend seminars and lectures given by Herdis Pala. She is an experienced lecturer who has an extensive knowledge and experience which she conveys with true professionalism and usefullness in mind. I am therefore very pleased to give her my recommendation as an excellent speaker”
– Birna Margret Norddahl, HR Manager

Iceland’s Womens TeamGym Gymnastics Team. 

“We had Herdís Pála help us in the preparation for our competition at the 10th European Championships in TeamGym.IMG_4719
The Icelandic team, champions from the two prior competitions had a chance to defend their title on home ground and was under considerable pressure to perform.

During her talk Herdís touched on many of the main issues affecting the team in its preparation phase.  She did it in a very clever and subtle way connecting things that happen inside the gymnastic arena to things we need to deal with in our every day lives.
She obviously hit the right note as throughout the rest of the week Herdís’s advice was referred to many times by the team both during training and daily meetings.

We were very happy to have Herdís help us and I would certainly love to have her give some more advice to our team before the next international competition.”
 – Björn Björnsson National Coach for Iceland’s Womens TeamGym Gymnastics Team

Central Bank of Iceland

SÍ“We had Herdis Pala come and give a presentation to our employees, on Energy-Management, Job Satisfaction and Quality of Life and how we can link all of this for our best interests.
The presentation was a big success; Herdis Pala sure knows what she is doing.  She was well prepared and very professional.
What she was presenting was very fresh and interesting and people could very easily relate to the examples she gave.
It is always good to take some time to pause and remind ourselves of everything we have in our hands, how we feel and how much quality of our lives we are going for.  I can for sure recommend Herdis Pala for you“
 – Birna Kristin Jonsdottir, Head of Training at Central Bank of Iceland

The Institute of Internal Auditors


“Herdis Pala´s presention called “Are we doves, owls, swans or peacocks in the land of penguins?” turned out to be both fun and educating.  It is always very useful to have a reminder on the importance of respecting diversity in the workforce, how we can better see ourselves in the shoes of those who are different from ourselves and how we can make better use of this diversity. 

Herdis Pala proved to us the obvious, she is experienced speaker who presents with ease and has the ability to present in a very interesting and lively way.”

The Municipality of Vogar:

Vogar“We had Herdis Pala come to one of our all-together-workday to talk about communications.  She approached the topic in a very memorable and impact way that appealed to every participant.  We gained understanding of the importance of allowing every employee to express his/her talents, even though we are different, have different opinions and diverse personalities.  Herdis Pala presents her content in a fun and lively way, with great ease.  The time we had with her was well spent.”
 – Mr. Asgeir Eiriksson, mayor of Vogar

Reykjavik University

Few comments from feedback-forms:

  • Both academic and practical
  • Good course – well constructed, good discussions
  • Great and lively lecturer that knows what she is talking about
  • Great course
  • Great in all aspects, very interesting and lively
  • Great lecture and very practical
  • Great lecturer, just awesome
  • Great real life examples to support the material
  • Very good course
  • Very good course.  The teacher was very clear and practical, which I liked
  • Very practical and appliable at work

Average score (scale 1-5) from courses:

  • Content and Framework of course: 4,34
  • The teaching: 4,57


Dokkan (a professional knowledge and contacts network of experts, academics and professionals who wish to share their knowledge, solutions, ideas and experience)

Few comments from the feedback-form: Dokkan

  • Herdis is a trainer that knows what she is talking about and presents the material in both very fun and professional way
  • Very informing and practical
  • Interesting view on leadership and HR in daily operations of organizations
  • Fun and interesting
  • Was not bored one minute and after the lecture I´m inspired to do better
  • Very good and applicable
  • Herdis combines the studies and the practice in a very good overall context.  Got me interested in digging deeper into the material
  • Great seminar, Herdis a very good speaker that answered every question raised in a very honest and mentoring way
  • Very good speaker who obviously has a very good knowledge of the topic and a great way of sharing the content


 – Readers of my first e-book:

“Herdis Pala brilliantly taps into the feeling that so many of us have, “Is this all there is?” We all have that voice inside us wondering if there’s more for us in our lives. Guess what? There is! And Herdis has a plan to help us realize our potential.

She asks us some tough questions and makes us really look at where we are and how we might be ignoring our dreams. When we acknowledge that we’re not being the best we can be, then we can make changes.

This isn’t a typical ebook. It’s a guided self-empowerment workbook. Herdis leads us through the process of defining our dreams and goals for the next months and years. I love the part about making a vision board and hanging it where you can always see your vision of your best life.

I adore Herdis’s no-nonsense motto: “If you want to be treated like a rock star – act like a rock star!” It’s true! Isn’t it time for you to turn your successful life into something even better?”


Sage Grayson

President and Founder of Sage Grayson Coaching



„The energy and high content from Herdis’ e-Book catapulted me on my way to amazing new beginnings! Reflecting back on all I have read, I see that the POSITIVE POINTS – Herdis has taught me work!  My Mind and my business has grown and now I balance my life and business.“


Dr Hema Chandoo. General Practitioner, UK, and the founder of www.royalamore.com – Handmade statement jewellery for women who are changing the world, fashion with a mission to help  women who are at risk environment.




Tanya McGill Freeman, President and Founder, Digital Sophisticate, LLC, http://digitalsophisticate.com/

“Herdis Pala is an absolutely amazing author and coach, specializing in really getting to the core of what one’s feelings and beliefs are to see what lies under the surface. While she works from a very heart-centered space, she isn’t afraid to dig deep with her clients to get to the root of what’s going on with them. This makes her remarkably effective.

I was personally very inspired by the following quote by Herdis, “I want to wake people up from their daily routine and have them ask themselves what they want out of their lives, then light a spark within them to go for it.” Indeed, Herdis lights that spark which, and here’s your warning, can turn into a marvelous fire!

I would highly recommend Herdis to anyone I know seeking to start treating their real issues instead of just the symptoms. Get ready to take action and achieve great results!”


 – Coaching Clients:

Gunnlaugur Helgason, Carpenter and Radio Show Host: GulliHelga

“I didn´t know there was such a thing called coaching until I heard an interview with Herdis Pala on the radio.
I felt she was talking right to me – about all the ideas that I have for myself but hadn´t done anything about.
I contacted her and got the first available appointment and now things are really happening in my life!

Herdis Pala is a coach that inspires me to do something about my ideas and helps me find my way to do it.
I have also realized, since I started working with her, that my big ideas are not unrealistic, not too big and not fantasies!
Before I used to get ideas and thought “no, this will never happen, probably too complicated”.
Herdis Pala has banned me to think this way, or rather given me tools to work with so I don´t think this way.
She walks me through my ideas, asks me tough questions that I sometimes have the answer to and sometimes not.
Being coached by Herdis Pala is inspiring, she encourages me to put my ideas into action, not only thinking about things or deciding on things, but to let things happen. Herdis Pala is realistic and inspiring ideas-vitamin!
I feel I can fly after being coached by Herdis Pala.”


Edda Björgvinsdóttir actress, director, speaker and so much more :

“I have never understood what this coaching thing is all about and therefore I decided it was nothing for me.  I knew Herdis Pala and that everything she does is smart and that she is a clever person and therefore when she became a coach I decided to give it a try!  After several sessions I have discovered the magic of having a coach, to coach me through my sometimes chaotic circumstances and with Herdis Pala´s coaching I have come to believe that I will finally finish my Masters thesis which has been weighing my down.  Thanks Herdis for coaching me and equip me with this new way of thinking – that I now use to balance my life!”


Védís Sigurðardóttir, project manager

“With Herdis Pala´s coaching I have gotten the courage to start right away to actively make myself better both in my professional and private life.  I have experienced her support and motivation to boost my self esteem and use it in my job.   With the coaching I have also gotten better in organizing my time at work and therefore I now have better balance between my work and life.”




  – Various Testimonials and Acknowledgements







Direct message that came through Twitter: @herdispala Looking for job opportunities and introducing my strenghts and abilities. Your book is a good input and inspiration for me.

Message in a “Get Acquainted Call”: “I used to look forward to Fridays because that meant that the weekend was coming. Now the days I look most forward to are Tuesdays because then I receive the eZines from herdispala.com”

Message that came via e-mail: “Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts on your e-book with you.  It would take too long time to say everything that I want to say about the book, but in short, it is awesome and you are a genius…  The first thing that came to my mind while reading the book was why I hadn´t stumbled upon your website sooner.  This book is just totally awesome in every way, and the best part is how motivating you are and determined in getting people to elicit all their strenghts that are already there, but not used…  And to some extent I´m there.  I think that everybody could learn or benefit from reading your book and honestly I think everybody should read it.  I already started using and following your tips, both from your book and from the blog on your website, that I now visit daily…  Thank you, looking forward to all the eZines that are yet to be published…”