The Best way to make No Mistakes At the same time I want you to make a lot of mistakes, because that is the best way to learn, I want to tell you that you never make a wrong decisi[...]
Are you dealing with upper limits? A lot of people are dealing with so called upper limits, some strange hesitation or fear of growing and expanding into being, doing and having wh[...]
Don´t get defeated by your defeats. I, probably like you and most people, have over the years had various difficulties, setbacks and plans that didn´t work out for me the way I wan[...]
Recently, when I was giving a presentation to a fairly large audience about various aspects of success one person in the room raised his hand and said he didn´t like the word succe[...]
Even though I may not know you personally my guess is, especially if you are one of the thousands of people that have been reading and following my writing and programs for a while[...]
For the last 20 years or so I have been like a sponge on everything I could read on success, well-being, leadership and other related topics.  I have also attended countless course[...]
In some of my presentations I show a slide where I state that „people are more powerful than they allow themselves to believe“. I also state that most people are only using or perf[...]
For few months now I have been working on a project that has “success“ in its title.  Since I have been reading and writing a lot about success in preparing for, and working on thi[...]
I love meeting people.   – I love meeting new people and I love to meet good old friends and family. I also love to be by myself. Not all the time of course but on a regular [...]
  Do you ever doubt yourself, your knowledge, experience and abilities? Are you often afraid of making mistakes? Do you sometimes get a knot in your stomach and think that you[...]