Tomorrow, on Wednesday 20th of March, is the international day of happiness. In 2012 the United Nations declared that 20th of March every year should be an international day of hap[...]
What do you say when your superior comes to you at work and offers you to take on a new (very time consuming) assignment which will demand a lot of effort from you but can give you[...]
I don’t know how big of a sports fan you are but now I want to ask you in what division you play? I will assume that you are an ambitious individual with high goals, both for your [...]
So Now What?  How to Turn Your Successful Life intoSomething Even Better! New 7 weeks / 7 modules Home Study Program now open for enrollment. In the program you will work on Your v[...]
Today my thought is under great influence of the book “The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level” by Gay Hendricks. In the book the author talks about [...]
It is often said that when one door is closed another one opens up.  I wouldn’t think about arguing about that and I think that it is a lot of truth in it. But what I want to discu[...]
I hope that you have already set your goals or vision or chosen your word of the year and even better if you have made yourself a vision board for the year.  I sure hope that you h[...]
Are you one of those who want to do all kinds of things in life – but then you just keep on watching TV? Are you one of them who hope for certain changes – but then you just keep o[...]
This week I want to dedicate my thoughts to Zig Ziglar who passed away last week, 86 years of age.  Zig Ziglar was a famous motivational speaker and an author of many well-known bo[...]
At the numerous presentations and courses I´ve held, and with all the people I have worked with, too many times I have people telling me that they keep telling themselves (with the[...]