Last week I went with my husband to an awesome concert with an Icelandic trio called Drangar.  To me there were many things about this concert that made it this awesome.   Here I´m[...]
In some of my presentations I show a slide where I state that „people are more powerful than they allow themselves to believe“. I also state that most people are only using or perf[...]
I, like so many people, have admired Nelson Mandela for many years.  One of my favorite Nelson Mandela quote is as follows: “There is no passion to be found playing small – in sett[...]
For few months now I have been working on a project that has “success“ in its title.  Since I have been reading and writing a lot about success in preparing for, and working on thi[...]
Even though I love the Beatles´ song called “All you need is Love” I´m not going to talk about that song here and now – but listening to that song regularly is su[...]
I know you want to be successful, both in your private and professional life.  Some people define success by money, titles, degrees, status and so on. I hope you have your own defi[...]
Several times I have talked to you about success and the importance of you defining for yourself what success means to you.  Recently I read in a newspaper a quote from an Icelandi[...]
Many people will tell you exactly how to have all the success you want.   They may even try to tell you exactly what that success is, that you want for yourself.  I on the other ha[...]
Every day you live by and follow all kinds of rules, sometimes without even realizing that you are doing it.   These can be rules stated in laws or rules that are part of your cult[...]
Out of plain curiosity I went for hypnosis last week – for a long time I have wanted to try it and since nothing was stopping me I decided to just go for it. In the beginning of th[...]