First something on personal notes. As you may know, I have a routine for my January 1st that I have been doing for many years now. I start by going for a long walk and meditate int[...]
A few days ago I came back after two weeks of vacation in Tenerife, Spain. Here I want to share with you two things. Some of what I did on my vacation. But what might be more excit[...]
Recently I attended an event where Mr. Dominic Barton, CEO at McKinsey, gave a Key Note Presentation. So many things he said have stayed with me. Some because they were so in tune [...]
Maximize yourself, my coach said to me in the latest session I had with her. I had been sharing with her some concerns I was having about a certain situation at my job. I was also [...]
Promotion is something that many people think about. From the time people graduate and enter the workforce. Until the time people feel it is time to take the next step in their car[...]
To be the manager you always wanted to have, starts with looking at yourself. It doesn´t matter if the only thing you are managing right now are your own projects and assignments. [...]
Cheating on yourself is by no means better than cheating on others. You are somebody´s role model, mentor, manager, mum or old man. For your own sake and others, I want you to step[...]
Before you make a plan… Before you sit down to make a plan, preferably handwritten down, you must be sure about what you want. Is there any area in your life that you are working o[...]
You may already be Successful… Maybe you felt that the title of this post didn´t apply to you – because you are already one of the Successful people, based on your own defini[...]
How is your career going? What are you going to be when you grow up?  This is a question you were probably asked more than once when you were a kid.  Luckily we live in times where[...]