Your big dreams in life We all have dreams – and hopefully some big dreams.  Your big dreams may be about you being healthy.  Your health being good, whether physically, ment[...]
Should you be looking up at the mountain… When working on your 360° Success, in work and life, it is important that you use your time consciously to maintain, or improve how well y[...]
Just as I keep encouraging you to work on your own definition of Success, both for your private and professional life, since there is no one right definition of Success, then there[...]
Various times I have talked to you about your vision. I have talked to you about making a vision board.  I have talked to you about really visualizing your dreams, go deep into wha[...]
Few years ago I started thinking about the word resilience.  I mean really thinking about it, what it means, why it matters and how people can strengthen their resilience-muscle, s[...]
Many people will tell you exactly how to have all the success you want.   They may even try to tell you exactly what that success is, that you want for yourself.  I on the other ha[...]
Several times I have talked about the importance for you to have a clear vision for yourself, where you want to go and what you want to get out of your life, both in your private a[...]