First something on personal notes. As you may know, I have a routine for my January 1st that I have been doing for many years now. I start by going for a long walk and meditate int[...]
To be a good manager requires a lot of things from you.  You can be a manager in a private company or a not for profit organization. You can also be a manager for some association,[...]
Do expectations lead to disappointment? I know a lot of people that have all kinds of expectations of others.   And too many of them get very disappointed almost like on a regular [...]
Recently, when I was giving a presentation to a fairly large audience about various aspects of success one person in the room raised his hand and said he didn´t like the word succe[...]
  Last week I talked about Self-Leadership and this week I will be on similar notes, talking about Self-Motivation. Regularly I encourage you to keep developing yourself by re[...]
Few years ago I started thinking about the word resilience.  I mean really thinking about it, what it means, why it matters and how people can strengthen their resilience-muscle, s[...]
Are baths essential to success? A little story here to explain: Zig Ziglar, one of the greatest motivators we have ever had, got the following comment from a person in the audience[...]
  Do you ever doubt yourself, your knowledge, experience and abilities? Are you often afraid of making mistakes? Do you sometimes get a knot in your stomach and think that you[...]
I recently attended a training in California called World´s Greatest Speaker Training, with Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason and Roger Love. At this event Brendon talked about an acciden[...]
This week I want to dedicate my thoughts to Zig Ziglar who passed away last week, 86 years of age.  Zig Ziglar was a famous motivational speaker and an author of many well-known bo[...]