I recently attended a training in California called World´s Greatest Speaker Training, with Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason and Roger Love. At this event Brendon talked about an acciden[...]
Is everything in your life the way you want it? Are you happy with your: Physical condition? Your appearance? Your environment? Your finances? Your job? Your work/life balance? You[...]
Are you waiting to win the lottery?  Are you waiting to be discovered for all your talents and become world-famous? Are you waiting for…. – well are you waiting for something[...]
In some of my lectures and presentations I talk about the importance of self-confidence both for success in life, however you define success, and for quality in life in general. I‘[...]
In January I had a seminar which I called “Make 2013 Your Best Year, So Far!” In the seminar I told the participants, amongst other things, about my vision board which I always do [...]
Last week I mentioned the movie “Yes Man” and surprisingly, since I am not known for being a great movie fan, now I am going to mention another movie to you.  Maybe I am a movie fa[...]
Can you tell me who you are? I’m not asking you to tell me what your occupation is or the roles that you have in your life – I’m asking you who you really are as an individual. Whi[...]
Are you one of those who want to do all kinds of things in life – but then you just keep on watching TV? Are you one of them who hope for certain changes – but then you just keep o[...]
Few years back (ok, ok, nearly 11 years ago) when I turned 30, my brother-in-law gave me a book which first sentence said “Life is difficult”. The book was “Road Less Travelled” an[...]