Disrupt HR London, March 6th, 2018. Why not give a presentation there? It sounded very appealing when I signed up for it but getting closer to it I really tried to find excuses not[...]
A few days ago I came back after two weeks of vacation in Tenerife, Spain. Here I want to share with you two things. Some of what I did on my vacation. But what might be more excit[...]
Recently I was interviewed, for a podcast, on my view or ideas on the future of HR, management, and kind of the future of work in general. I just love getting the opportunity to ta[...]
I assume you have a coach! I know you want more Success, in all aspects of your life.  And I hope that you are following your own definition of Success. No matter how Successful yo[...]
Recently I was interviewed on a presentation I will be giving, on Your Brand – your Leadership, at the Small Business Branding Day that will be held here in Reykjavik this co[...]