Expectations – mood killer? When I was growing up my mother had all kinds of traditions for the holidays, probably from her childhood.  Some of those traditions I loved and others [...]
Are you willing to have more Success and Happiness? A lot of people say they want more Happiness and more Success – if this applies to you I have several questions for you, since, [...]
Just as I keep encouraging you to work on your own definition of Success, both for your private and professional life, since there is no one right definition of Success, then there[...]
Your strengths for your Success I think there is nothing wrong or bad with being ordinary.  But the thing is we are all Extraordinary! Maybe there is just a few letters´ difference[...]
Why write about toilet paper? When I was doing my MBA studies at the University of New Haven, CT, USA, in 1998-2000, I read a book in one of the courses I took, a book called Peaco[...]
Are you fully satisfied with everything in your life? Your physical condition? Your relations with family, friends and coworkers? Your finances? Your house, your car, your environm[...]
Do you want more happiness and success, in your private and your professional life?  Let me guess, you answered “yes” or maybe even “hell yeah!” Then let me tell you – you already [...]
In one of the books I am reading these days, the author talks about how he offers people strategy while self-help-gurus give people affirmations to repeat again and again. Don´t ge[...]
Successful people have their own definition of what success is, for themselves. And I have already said to you, numerous times, that you should have your own definition of success [...]
Quite often I have talked to you about dreams and vision but not so often about intentions. Even though there is a link between all those words; dreams, vision, intentions, then at[...]