Your big dreams in life We all have dreams – and hopefully some big dreams.  Your big dreams may be about you being healthy.  Your health being good, whether physically, ment[...]
Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  I don´t, gave that up a long time ago, never worked for me – or I didn´t work for them…. In fact, about 80% of resolution-makers ab[...]
Last year I was at a workshop with one of my mentors, Christine Kane, in Atlanta USA and stayed at a fairly fancy hotel. One morning when I was getting ready for the day, had just [...]
Do you ever have moments, where you sigh, maybe you even say something like ohhhhh, feel a bit disappointed in yourself, get a little knot in your stomach, your shoulders sink and [...]
Those who know me personally know that I like to sort and organize things.  I make schedules and plan ahead.  I make lists and Excel is one of my best friends. Are you anything lik[...]
In my coaching I work with all kinds of people, mostly managers and company owners though, all of them quite successful people, running profitable business and many of them working[...]
  Each year you have a birthday and each year we have New Years.  These are probably your biggest turning-points each year, or at least the ones that you first think about whe[...]
Do you have a clear focus in your life?  Do you know what you want and do you know what you don’t want? Do you know to where you want to get? How much do you want to get to that pl[...]
Are you waiting to win the lottery?  Are you waiting to be discovered for all your talents and become world-famous? Are you waiting for…. – well are you waiting for something[...]
In January I had a seminar which I called “Make 2013 Your Best Year, So Far!” In the seminar I told the participants, amongst other things, about my vision board which I always do [...]