Each year you have a birthday and each year we have New Years.  These are probably your biggest turning-points each year, or at least the ones that you first think about whe[...]
Some months ago I saw a movie called: “I‘m Fine, Thanks“, and without going into details about the content of the movie, it is a combination of interviews with people around the Un[...]
What did you think when your alarm rang this morning? Were you glad to wake up to a new day, full of opportunities or did the day start with frustration and boredom? Do you think m[...]
How much time in your life do you think you waste on waiting, daily, weekly or on yearly basis? Too many people are always waiting. Waiting for something – or they simply don’t kno[...]
My thought for this week stem from a conversation I had in one of my seminars last week, called “To become your best”. In the seminar I talked about the strength of our own thought[...]
What do you say when your superior comes to you at work and offers you to take on a new (very time consuming) assignment which will demand a lot of effort from you but can give you[...]
Today my thought is under great influence of the book “The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level” by Gay Hendricks. In the book the author talks about [...]
I hope that you have already set your goals or vision or chosen your word of the year and even better if you have made yourself a vision board for the year.  I sure hope that you h[...]
Are you one of those who want to do all kinds of things in life – but then you just keep on watching TV? Are you one of them who hope for certain changes – but then you just keep o[...]
In many of my blogs I have talked about the importance of having dreams or rather a clear vision. Vision on what you what, what you are going to do and on what you want to get out [...]