Your strengths for your Success I think there is nothing wrong or bad with being ordinary.  But the thing is we are all Extraordinary! Maybe there is just a few letters´ difference[...]
Success is not about money and fame! It is about what you want in your life, both in your private and professional life. – Well maybe it is money and fame for you, but not ne[...]
On some occasions I have talked to you about fear and how to fight it. I know from my studies and from working with private clients that many people are fighting fear against: Givi[...]
Your “homework” last week was to find out what you want and why that matters to you, both for your private and professional life.  Maybe you are not fond of doing homework but I ha[...]
Where I live, in Iceland, there is a new season knocking on the door. YAY, my favorite season; summer is coming. On “The First Day of Summer” that we here luckily have marked on ou[...]
I don´t know if my thoughts for this week are written more for you or me – my hope is that we will both benefit from it.  In the last few weeks I have been talking to you about com[...]
  First a little about me… About 14 years ago I took a course.  Unfortunately I don´t remember what it was called but it was a lot about getting to know yourself. During one o[...]
My guess is that you do not start each day by saying “Today I´m going to live my life and make my choices as a Winner!”  Am I right? Why don´t you start your day this way? I´m tell[...]
Successful people have their own definition of what success is, for themselves. And I have already said to you, numerous times, that you should have your own definition of success [...]
These days I´m very occupied with a sentence one of my mentors said to me recently. She said „Make decisions from where you want to be – not where you are at”. What a brilliant tho[...]