I have sometimes said that if you can only change one thing in your life, then you should change your way of thinking. That one thing will give you the greatest return. Now I encou[...]
Time Management or Energy Management? In 2014 I read an article in Harvard Business Review with the title If President Obama Can Get Home for Dinner, Why Can’t You? In the article [...]
Do you dread decision making? Some of my private coaching clients decided to start working with me because they had to make some big decisions at work.  They felt they needed some [...]
I´m not convinced, but I like the effect! Few days ago I was talking with my coach on how I wanted to start taking a better care of my health and exercise more.  She seemed happy t[...]
Should you be looking up at the mountain… When working on your 360° Success, in work and life, it is important that you use your time consciously to maintain, or improve how well y[...]
When I wanted to give everybody alarm clocks! I have told you before about my decision in 2011, to leave my job.  For a while I had been feeling that I was starting to repeat mysel[...]
My new book Rekindling Your Spark – Strategy for Better Self-Leadership is now up on Amazon, please click here to check it out. [...]
What is it that is draining your energy? I like to believe that you already have a pretty clear focus on what you want, what kind of life you want to live, what you want to be your[...]
Pain or pleasure? It is in human nature to do everything we can to avoid pain and everything we can to seek pleasure.  Knowing that I always find it very strange how most of us are[...]
Define Success for Yourself Before you keep on chasing some other people´s dreams or ideas of Success – define Success for yourself.  What do you have to be, do and have – to[...]