First:  Realize all the choices you have.  Are you fully aware of all the choices you have?  Do you consciously take time to map up and evaluate all the options, opportunities and [...]
Everybody wants to be successful in their lives.  But to be able to evaluate how successful you really are, you first have to come up with your own definition of success. You want [...]
I remember, in my first trip abroad, to Australia in 1988, I saw a peacock for the first time in real life.  It was standing still and quiet, with its feathers down.  I remember be[...]
Some months ago I saw a movie called: “I‘m Fine, Thanks“, and without going into details about the content of the movie, it is a combination of interviews with people around the Un[...]
I’ve received some e-mails lately from people who read my blog and from people who have been on my presentations and lectures and I really love to get feedback on the messages that[...]
Several times I have talked about the importance for you to have a clear vision for yourself, where you want to go and what you want to get out of your life, both in your private a[...]