Disrupt HR London, March 6th, 2018. Why not give a presentation there? It sounded very appealing when I signed up for it but getting closer to it I really tried to find excuses not[...]
Recently I attended an event where Mr. Dominic Barton, CEO at McKinsey, gave a Key Note Presentation. So many things he said have stayed with me. Some because they were so in tune [...]
To be the manager you always wanted to have, starts with looking at yourself. It doesn´t matter if the only thing you are managing right now are your own projects and assignments. [...]
Do you sometimes feel that you need to boost your courage? Over the years I have had to boost my courage, over and over again, to be what and who I wanted to be.  I have also worke[...]
As a speaker, trainer and a coach, I have met too many people that are not happy with their jobs. They have mentioned various things as an explanation for not liking their jobs. Th[...]
I have sometimes said that if you can only change one thing in your life, then you should change your way of thinking. That one thing will give you the greatest return. Now I encou[...]
The safe-no and scary-yes Much has been written about how you should say NO more often to things you don´t want, instead of saying yes out of codependency or out of fright of hurti[...]
What is it that is draining your energy? I like to believe that you already have a pretty clear focus on what you want, what kind of life you want to live, what you want to be your[...]
To whom does Success belong to? I recently read a quote on a webpage I like a lot and that has a lot of followers, which said that Success belongs to those who are willing to work [...]
Are you dealing with upper limits? A lot of people are dealing with so called upper limits, some strange hesitation or fear of growing and expanding into being, doing and having wh[...]