I hope that you have already set your goals or vision or chosen your word of the year and even better if you have made yourself a vision board for the year.  I sure hope that you h[...]
Are you one of those who want to do all kinds of things in life – but then you just keep on watching TV? Are you one of them who hope for certain changes – but then you just keep o[...]
Now that New Years is just around the corner with possible New Years Resolutions or goal-setting for coming year it is good to look back at passing year and evaluate things. What f[...]
How aware are you of your mindset? The mindset you have when doing your chores, assignments, things you have to do, communication with others and other things in your daily life. H[...]
Every day you need energy – you need energy for your work, for your relationships, for you, so you can become the best you can be. Today I offer you to participate in the Energy-ga[...]
Almost every day, all our lives, we face doors we would like to open up – and sometimes many doors at the same time that we want to choose between, which one we want to open. Do yo[...]
Let´s imagine that every day when you wake up, hopefully after a good night´s sleep, that you have 100 energy-points to use or go through during the day. As the day passes and you [...]
It is said that if we spend too much time listening to negative and nagging people we increase the possibility of us behaving in the same way since our brain is like a muscle who r[...]
Recently I read an interview that I found quite interesting, it was with a woman, and it was interesting to me because I started wondering about her life philosophy, or lack thereo[...]
Few years back (ok, ok, nearly 11 years ago) when I turned 30, my brother-in-law gave me a book which first sentence said “Life is difficult”. The book was “Road Less Travelled” an[...]