Your “homework” last week was to find out what you want and why that matters to you, both for your private and professional life.  Maybe you are not fond of doing homework but I ha[...]
Various times I have talked to you about your vision. I have talked to you about making a vision board.  I have talked to you about really visualizing your dreams, go deep into wha[...]
  Last week I talked about Self-Leadership and this week I will be on similar notes, talking about Self-Motivation. Regularly I encourage you to keep developing yourself by re[...]
For the past 15 years or so I have been studying and working with leaders and leadership.  It has become more and more clear to me in the last two years that in order to be a good [...]
In one of the books I am reading these days, the author talks about how he offers people strategy while self-help-gurus give people affirmations to repeat again and again. Don´t ge[...]
For the last 20 years or so I have been like a sponge on everything I could read on success, well-being, leadership and other related topics.  I have also attended countless course[...]
My guess is that you do not start each day by saying “Today I´m going to live my life and make my choices as a Winner!”  Am I right? Why don´t you start your day this way? I´m tell[...]
Do you know any people that are bitter or grumpy at times?  They may use their past as explanation (or excuse) for why their lives or situations today are different from what they [...]
Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  I don´t, gave that up a long time ago, never worked for me – or I didn´t work for them…. In fact, about 80% of resolution-makers ab[...]
I know you want to be successful, both in your private and professional life.  Some people define success by money, titles, degrees, status and so on. I hope you have your own defi[...]