So much to do – but how much gets done? If you are like many of the people I have worked with you may be gaining clarity on what you want in your life, at home and work   you may h[...]
What to do when you don´t like your job? For the past few years, working as a speaker and a coach, I have met a lot of people that are not so happy with their job, their boss, thei[...]
The amazing process of removing a stone from your shoe! I´m pretty sure that if you get a stone in your shoe, you stop as soon as you can and remove it.  It is probably something l[...]
First:  Realize all the choices you have.  Are you fully aware of all the choices you have?  Do you consciously take time to map up and evaluate all the options, opportunities and [...]
Don´t get defeated by your defeats. I, probably like you and most people, have over the years had various difficulties, setbacks and plans that didn´t work out for me the way I wan[...]
Why write about toilet paper? When I was doing my MBA studies at the University of New Haven, CT, USA, in 1998-2000, I read a book in one of the courses I took, a book called Peaco[...]
For some strange reasons (or not so strange reasons) many people have hard time saying NO to what they are asked for or asked to do, whether in their private or professional life. [...]
I know that you, like me and everybody else, are dealing with some challenges. You may be dealing with challenges in your private life; your daily habits, relationships, exercising[...]
What do you do when things don´t go as planned or your plans don´t work out the way you set them up, whether in your private or professional life? Are you always fully aware of the[...]
Here is what I hope for you; I hope… you know who you want to be and what you want to do and what you want to have, both in your private and professional life you know your dreams [...]