I have sometimes said that if you can only change one thing in your life, then you should change your way of thinking. That one thing will give you the greatest return. Now I encou[...]
What is it that is draining your energy? I like to believe that you already have a pretty clear focus on what you want, what kind of life you want to live, what you want to be your[...]
Today´s definition of insanity. Few years ago I was listening to a presentation by one of my role models and former co-worker. I don´t really remember what was the title or content[...]
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What to do when you don´t like your job? For the past few years, working as a speaker and a coach, I have met a lot of people that are not so happy with their job, their boss, thei[...]
Why write about toilet paper? When I was doing my MBA studies at the University of New Haven, CT, USA, in 1998-2000, I read a book in one of the courses I took, a book called Peaco[...]
I know that you, like me and everybody else, are dealing with some challenges. You may be dealing with challenges in your private life; your daily habits, relationships, exercising[...]
On some occasions I have talked to you about fear and how to fight it. I know from my studies and from working with private clients that many people are fighting fear against: Givi[...]
Last year I was at a workshop with one of my mentors, Christine Kane, in Atlanta USA and stayed at a fairly fancy hotel. One morning when I was getting ready for the day, had just [...]
Is everything in your life the way you want it? Are you happy with your: Physical condition? Your appearance? Your environment? Your finances? Your job? Your work/life balance? You[...]