In some of my presentations I show a slide where I state that „people are more powerful than they allow themselves to believe“. I also state that most people are only using or perf[...]
For few months now I have been working on a project that has “success“ in its title.  Since I have been reading and writing a lot about success in preparing for, and working on thi[...]
Out of plain curiosity I went for hypnosis last week – for a long time I have wanted to try it and since nothing was stopping me I decided to just go for it. In the beginning of th[...]
Last year I was at a workshop with one of my mentors, Christine Kane, in Atlanta USA and stayed at a fairly fancy hotel. One morning when I was getting ready for the day, had just [...]
In my coaching I work with all kinds of people, mostly managers and company owners though, all of them quite successful people, running profitable business and many of them working[...]
Patch Adams, who is a physician, is well known for his amazing ways of approaching his patients; as human beings rather than broken machines. Humor, joy and acting like a clown is [...]
What did you think when your alarm rang this morning? Were you glad to wake up to a new day, full of opportunities or did the day start with frustration and boredom? Do you think m[...]
How do you think about yourself as an individual? Not as a parent, a child, a sibling, employee, friend or a neighbor – but only about you as an individual. It matters whether you [...]
In some of my lectures and presentations I talk about the importance of self-confidence both for success in life, however you define success, and for quality in life in general. I‘[...]
My thought for this week stem from a conversation I had in one of my seminars last week, called “To become your best”. In the seminar I talked about the strength of our own thought[...]