Last Friday night, after a busy week I felt the need to wrap the week in somehow.   I felt I needed to see how aligned my busy-ness is with my values in life and how much I am enjo[...]
Recently I have talked to you about dreams, vision and intention and I hope you are keeping your sharp focus on those things. To be a little bit more practical regarding these thin[...]
Everybody wants to be successful in their lives.  But to be able to evaluate how successful you really are, you first have to come up with your own definition of success. You want [...]
In my life, both working as a coach and speaker and also in my private life, I have met a lot of people with dreams, goals and ambitions they talk about quite openly and then they [...]
Every year “The Benefit Society of Children with disabilities” in Iceland comes out with a new “Globe of Goodwill”.  The Globe is a handmade blown-glass ornament, decorated with ar[...]
I remember, in my first trip abroad, to Australia in 1988, I saw a peacock for the first time in real life.  It was standing still and quiet, with its feathers down.  I remember be[...]
Think about what you are doing in your life, both your private and professional life. Think about your daily habits and routines. Think about the people around you and you spend mo[...]
Last year I was at a workshop with one of my mentors, Christine Kane, in Atlanta USA and stayed at a fairly fancy hotel. One morning when I was getting ready for the day, had just [...]
Do you ever have moments, where you sigh, maybe you even say something like ohhhhh, feel a bit disappointed in yourself, get a little knot in your stomach, your shoulders sink and [...]
Those who know me personally know that I like to sort and organize things.  I make schedules and plan ahead.  I make lists and Excel is one of my best friends. Are you anything lik[...]