Are you fully satisfied with everything in your life? Your physical condition? Your relations with family, friends and coworkers? Your finances? Your house, your car, your environm[...]
Your “homework” last week was to find out what you want and why that matters to you, both for your private and professional life.  Maybe you are not fond of doing homework but I ha[...]
Even though I may not know you personally my guess is, especially if you are one of the thousands of people that have been reading and following my writing and programs for a while[...]
Various times I have talked to you about your vision. I have talked to you about making a vision board.  I have talked to you about really visualizing your dreams, go deep into wha[...]
Where I live, in Iceland, there is a new season knocking on the door. YAY, my favorite season; summer is coming. On “The First Day of Summer” that we here luckily have marked on ou[...]
My guess is that you know pretty much everything you need to know, both for your private and professional life!  What a relief…. But my guess is also that you may not be using all [...]
These days I´m very occupied with a sentence one of my mentors said to me recently. She said „Make decisions from where you want to be – not where you are at”. What a brilliant tho[...]
Do you know any people that are bitter or grumpy at times?  They may use their past as explanation (or excuse) for why their lives or situations today are different from what they [...]
I have written here before about the difference of decisions and actions and that decisions are nothing if not put into actions, wether in your private or professional life. One of[...]
For few months now I have been working on a project that has “success“ in its title.  Since I have been reading and writing a lot about success in preparing for, and working on thi[...]