Maximize Yourself

During the years, while preparing for and giving presentations, doing corporate training and private coaching I have developed quite a lot of tools, exercises, self-assessments etc.

Now I have made these tools available to you as well.

Some of them I´m willing to share with you for FREE while others are available to for a fair price.

Please scroll down this page and see if any of them are of interest to you.

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360° Success – in Work & Life

  • Have you reached most of your goals and now wondering
    “So Now What?”
  • Are you afraid of ending up as one of those grumpy old people, full of regrets?
  • Sharpen your version of 360° Success, in every aspect of your life.


and get instant access for FREE to this Self-Assessment tool.


Bundle of Various FREE tools


  • The Decision Making Tool – helps you make even the hardest and scariest decision easier to make.
  • The 2x 10 Minutes Magic Tool – helps you go from busy to productive and therewith boost your Success
  • The Yearly Plan – Helps you plan a balanced 360° Success, in every aspect of your life

As a BONUS you get:

  • All new FREE Tools will be sent directly to your inbox.
  • A free subscription to my eZine, filled with inspiration and tips for your 360° Success, in work and life, published when I have time and feel like it.

Are you ready to start making plans and turning your decisions into actions?

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360 Habits 

Get my 360 habits for FREE – and get daily ideas sent to you every day of the year, on daily habits that will support you on your journey. 


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Rekindling Your Spark

Rekindling-Your-SparkHave you ever pondered your life and wanted something more? Do you find yourself longing to fulfill old dreams and aspirations, but you’re uncertain how or if it’s even possible?
Look no further, the answers lie within! An inspirational teacher and coach Herdís Pála shows you the way to “rekindle your spark” and take control of your destiny.
Easy to comprehend yet profoundly insightful, Rekindling Your Spark: Strategy for Better Self-Leadership will provide you with the tools you need to make a difference in your life and believe in yourself once more, so that you may fulfill your dreams and desires at last.


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My Weekly WakeUp

It is very easy to get distracted on your journey and end up flipping pages on your calendar without seeing much progress. 

You have to make sure you don´t fall asleep on your dreams and vision, whether in your private or professional life. That´s why this tool is brilliant for you!

By using My Weekly WakeUp you

  • quickly evaluate what you got out of last week, what you can learn from and what you can celebrate
  • plan out what you are going to get out of coming week
  • move away from the distractions and to the actions!

By using this tool every week you will take strategic steps toward your dreams and vision, both in your private and professional life.

See more about that by watching the video on this product.

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My Monthly Milestones

As you enjoy your journey, towards your dreams and vision you have to make sure you are moving and moving in the right direction. 
By using My Monthly Milestones you

  • decide on what milestone you want to reach every month
  • what should be your weekly goals to reach your milestones
  • and what you want to be your daily tasks to reach your weekly goals.


By using this tool every month you will take strategic steps toward your dreams and vision.

See more about this product by watching the video to the right.

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Home Study Program

So Now What? How To Turn Your Successful Life Into Something Even Better! 

  • Have you hit the wall where you ask yourself “So Now What?”
  • Are you lacking balance or fulfillment in your life?
  • Do you know that you are capable of more, to have more happiness and more success (however you define success for yourself)?
  • What do you want to be able to tell of your life in your 70-year-old Bday-party?
  • Are you wondering about what action steps to make your dreams come true and your vision for your life to become your reality?

If you answered YES to any of these questions this program is the solution you are looking for!

See more about this program by watching the introduction video.


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