My books are (almost) three now. Each of them have been written with different goals in mind.
Below you can read a little bit about them.
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My So Now Whatfirst book was a free giveaway when I was starting my business.
At that time I had recently quit my job as a COO at a bank and was thinking about a lot of people who were living their “successful” life on autopilot and according to other people´s, and society´s expectations.

It is called So Now What? How to Turn Your Successful Life into Something Even Better




Rekindling-Your-SparkMy second book is called Rekindling Your Spark: A Strategy for Better Self-Leadership.
This book is based on my first one, but digging a lot deeper.
My goal with this book is to motivate all the people living on autopilot, on how to take charge again and rekindle their spark.
The book includes all kinds of tools and exercises, for readers to work on while reading the book, and whenever they need to work on their focus and rekindle their spark. 




Heart-Based-Leadership_Mockup_FinalMy third book (almost ready) is called Heart Based Leadership: 5 Steps to Follow in Work and life.
This book is a bit different from the first two. It goes deeper into my thoughts on Self-Leadership and how to have a 360° Success.
360° Success in work and life, at the same time, without one being at the cost of the other.
This book also includes all kinds of eye-opening tools and exercises.