Recently I was interviewed in Kastljós, a very popular news related show at RÚV (The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service). The interview was about #metoo and how HR managers de[...]
Exercises to expand… You don´t have to look long. There are endless lists out there, of all kinds of things and exercises you can do, to expand or grow. Both for your private[...]
There is no way for you to be your best all the time, but still… Luckily you are human – and therefore not perfect! That means that there will come times when you know you are not [...]
What is “Employee Engagement” and why does it matter? Whether you own a company, work as a manager or an employee, you should be thinking about “Employee Engagement”.  Especially i[...]
Will I see you here?   Please click the picture to save your seat.[...]
My new book Rekindling Your Spark – Strategy for Better Self-Leadership is now up on Amazon, please click here to check it out. [...]
An article I wrote is now featured at Business Accelerator Lab – second article in less than two months, please click the picture to check it out.[...]
Few days ago one of my blogs was featured at The Business Accelerator Lab. This made me very happy – just as the numbers of readers and followers are going up every week and [...]
Recently I was interviewed on a presentation I will be giving, on Your Brand – your Leadership, at the Small Business Branding Day that will be held here in Reykjavik this co[...]
Andrea Hiltbrunner is an amazing Dreamcoach and she helps creative and heart-centred women to connect with their passion so that they can find their true mission and vision for the[...]