Do you sometimes feel that you need to boost your courage? Over the years I have had to boost my courage, over and over again, to be what and who I wanted to be.  I have also worke[...]
Do you think more about how to grow in your career, than how to grow in your life? Do you think more about how to grow as a professional, than how to grow as a person? For me, this[...]
Success in work and life Success in work and life has a lot to do with how strong your Self-Leadership is. I believe that you are aiming for great success, in work and life. Self-l[...]
Recently I watched a movie that I don´t really know why I watched. I was just alone at home and forcing myself to not do anything sensible. Just to be lazy. Great thing to do once [...]
There are many definitions, articles, and books about the difference between being a manager or a leader. I´m not a big fan of wasting time to discuss this difference all the time.[...]
It doesn´t really matter if you are an employee or a business owner with clients – you want others to see the high potential in working with you. You may feel that you are more tha[...]
How to win is a question you might be asking yourself. As a professional, you are probably dealing with a lot of competition, in your everyday work environment. Whether you are wor[...]
Get Your Mojo Back – for better performance at work To get your mojo back, or holding on to your mojo, practicing good self-care is essential. That applies both to your work and li[...]
Visualize who you want to BE – so much more fun than deciding what to DO To visualize is a great way to set new kind of New Years´ resolutions. Many years ago I used to set very ol[...]
Learning from my low My year of 2015 was pretty good, so good that even the low points of it were worth celebrating! In this good year of 2015 there are two low points that stand o[...]