First something on personal notes. As you may know, I have a routine for my January 1st that I have been doing for many years now. I start by going for a long walk and meditate int[...]
Disrupt HR London, March 6th, 2018. Why not give a presentation there? It sounded very appealing when I signed up for it but getting closer to it I really tried to find excuses not[...]
A few days ago I came back after two weeks of vacation in Tenerife, Spain. Here I want to share with you two things. Some of what I did on my vacation. But what might be more excit[...]
Make decisions is something you do about 35.000 times a day – so why not put a bit more thought into it? Maybe you first need to make decisions on what “greater success” means for [...]
Recently I attended an event where Mr. Dominic Barton, CEO at McKinsey, gave a Key Note Presentation. So many things he said have stayed with me. Some because they were so in tune [...]
Workplace Wellbeing is like Workplace Wellness 2.0 When talking about Workplace Wellbeing we are talking about more than physical health. Where organizations make sure you have a g[...]
Burnout is a thing that nobody wants. And you can avoid it. No matter if you own your own business. If you are a freelancer or digging your gigging. Or if you clock in every mornin[...]
Success and wellbeing are two things that much have been written about. What habits you should implement for more success and wellbeing. What ways to have more success and wellbein[...]
Coworkers can make you happy just by showing up every day.  Others make you happy when they don´t show up… The reason many people go out of bed in the mornings, to go to work, is g[...]
Exercises to expand… You don´t have to look long. There are endless lists out there, of all kinds of things and exercises you can do, to expand or grow. Both for your private[...]