Think about what you are doing in your life, both your private and professional life. Think about your daily habits and routines. Think about the people around you and you spend mo[...]
Last year I was at a workshop with one of my mentors, Christine Kane, in Atlanta USA and stayed at a fairly fancy hotel. One morning when I was getting ready for the day, had just [...]
Do you ever have moments, where you sigh, maybe you even say something like ohhhhh, feel a bit disappointed in yourself, get a little knot in your stomach, your shoulders sink and [...]
Is everything in your life the way you want it? Are you happy with your: Physical condition? Your appearance? Your environment? Your finances? Your job? Your work/life balance? You[...]
Patch Adams, who is a physician, is well known for his amazing ways of approaching his patients; as human beings rather than broken machines. Humor, joy and acting like a clown is [...]
In my job I often work with people who are at crossroads, who want to make some changes or get “something” more out of their life, both their private and professional life. When wo[...]
Some months ago I saw a movie called: “I‘m Fine, Thanks“, and without going into details about the content of the movie, it is a combination of interviews with people around the Un[...]
What did you think when your alarm rang this morning? Were you glad to wake up to a new day, full of opportunities or did the day start with frustration and boredom? Do you think m[...]
I’ve received some e-mails lately from people who read my blog and from people who have been on my presentations and lectures and I really love to get feedback on the messages that[...]
In some of my lectures and presentations I talk about the importance of self-confidence both for success in life, however you define success, and for quality in life in general. I‘[...]