I’ve received some e-mails lately from people who read my blog and from people who have been on my presentations and lectures and I really love to get feedback on the messages that[...]
How’s it going to get things done or to perform everything you have decided to do? Are you like the frog that decided to jump but then just sat still? If you experience that you do[...]
As I wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for the old one I want to tell you how happy I am to get the opportunity to talk with you on the first day of this new year. At the beg[...]
This week I want to dedicate my thoughts to Zig Ziglar who passed away last week, 86 years of age.  Zig Ziglar was a famous motivational speaker and an author of many well-known bo[...]
Every day you need energy – you need energy for your work, for your relationships, for you, so you can become the best you can be. Today I offer you to participate in the Energy-ga[...]
Today I want to challenge you with one very thought provoking question – and please be honest when you answer it! How good care are you taking of yourself and your health?  Physica[...]
Let´s imagine that every day when you wake up, hopefully after a good night´s sleep, that you have 100 energy-points to use or go through during the day. As the day passes and you [...]
It is said that if we spend too much time listening to negative and nagging people we increase the possibility of us behaving in the same way since our brain is like a muscle who r[...]
Recently I read an interview that I found quite interesting, it was with a woman, and it was interesting to me because I started wondering about her life philosophy, or lack thereo[...]
Assignment: Be more happy and successful in my private life. Recommended dosage: 2 x 10 minutes every day.  Do you know the feeling of almost every day being irritated by the same [...]