Few years ago I started thinking about the word resilience.  I mean really thinking about it, what it means, why it matters and how people can strengthen their resilience-muscle, s[...]
Last Friday night, after a busy week I felt the need to wrap the week in somehow.   I felt I needed to see how aligned my busy-ness is with my values in life and how much I am enjo[...]
Every day you live by and follow all kinds of rules, sometimes without even realizing that you are doing it.   These can be rules stated in laws or rules that are part of your cult[...]
Out of plain curiosity I went for hypnosis last week – for a long time I have wanted to try it and since nothing was stopping me I decided to just go for it. In the beginning of th[...]
Recently I have talked to you about dreams, vision and intention and I hope you are keeping your sharp focus on those things. To be a little bit more practical regarding these thin[...]
In my life, both working as a coach and speaker and also in my private life, I have met a lot of people with dreams, goals and ambitions they talk about quite openly and then they [...]
Every year “The Benefit Society of Children with disabilities” in Iceland comes out with a new “Globe of Goodwill”.  The Globe is a handmade blown-glass ornament, decorated with ar[...]
Think about what you are doing in your life, both your private and professional life. Think about your daily habits and routines. Think about the people around you and you spend mo[...]
Is everything in your life the way you want it? Are you happy with your: Physical condition? Your appearance? Your environment? Your finances? Your job? Your work/life balance? You[...]
In my job I often work with people who are at crossroads, who want to make some changes or get “something” more out of their life, both their private and professional life. When wo[...]