Every day you live by and follow all kinds of rules, sometimes without even realizing that you are doing it.   These can be rules stated in laws or rules that are part of your cult[...]
I love meeting people.   – I love meeting new people and I love to meet good old friends and family. I also love to be by myself. Not all the time of course but on a regular [...]
I recently attended a training in California called World´s Greatest Speaker Training, with Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason and Roger Love. At this event Brendon talked about an acciden[...]
Think about what you are doing in your life, both your private and professional life. Think about your daily habits and routines. Think about the people around you and you spend mo[...]
Is everything in your life the way you want it? Are you happy with your: Physical condition? Your appearance? Your environment? Your finances? Your job? Your work/life balance? You[...]
In my job I often work with people who are at crossroads, who want to make some changes or get “something” more out of their life, both their private and professional life. When wo[...]
I’ve received some e-mails lately from people who read my blog and from people who have been on my presentations and lectures and I really love to get feedback on the messages that[...]
My thought for this week stem from a conversation I had in one of my seminars last week, called “To become your best”. In the seminar I talked about the strength of our own thought[...]
What do you say when your superior comes to you at work and offers you to take on a new (very time consuming) assignment which will demand a lot of effort from you but can give you[...]
I don’t know how big of a sports fan you are but now I want to ask you in what division you play? I will assume that you are an ambitious individual with high goals, both for your [...]