Stop chasing other people´s dreams and successes! If you haven´t already done so then I want you to write down your own definition of Success. What does Success mean to you, in you[...]
Just as I keep encouraging you to work on your own definition of Success, both for your private and professional life, since there is no one right definition of Success, then there[...]
Do expectations lead to disappointment? I know a lot of people that have all kinds of expectations of others.   And too many of them get very disappointed almost like on a regular [...]
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Why write about toilet paper? When I was doing my MBA studies at the University of New Haven, CT, USA, in 1998-2000, I read a book in one of the courses I took, a book called Peaco[...]
Solution for Success on Sale There are many people willing to sell you all kinds of seminars, books, recipes and solutions to have more money, to work less, to climb the corporate [...]
For some strange reasons (or not so strange reasons) many people have hard time saying NO to what they are asked for or asked to do, whether in their private or professional life. [...]
What do you do when things don´t go as planned or your plans don´t work out the way you set them up, whether in your private or professional life? Are you always fully aware of the[...]
Here is what I hope for you; I hope… you know who you want to be and what you want to do and what you want to have, both in your private and professional life you know your dreams [...]
Do you want more happiness and success, in your private and your professional life?  Let me guess, you answered “yes” or maybe even “hell yeah!” Then let me tell you – you already [...]