I want to Own my Career After I finished my MBA in early 2000 I got a job as a HR Consultant. I didn´t know much about what I was going to be doing. Luckily things went quite well [...]
I assume you have a coach! I know you want more Success, in all aspects of your life.  And I hope that you are following your own definition of Success. No matter how Successful yo[...]
How to get unstuck is a question I sometimes get when giving my presentations, doing training or private coaching.  Here I share with you 3 things that most often keep people stuck[...]
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To be the chosen one is something you are probably quite often striving for.   This can be scenarios like you trying to get a new job or a promotion.  Be elected for a board or com[...]
To be a good manager requires a lot of things from you.  You can be a manager in a private company or a not for profit organization. You can also be a manager for some association,[...]
There is nothing wrong with wanting something more. You may be running your own business or working as an executive, a manager or an employee.  It really does not matter. All I kno[...]
As a speaker, trainer and a coach I have met too many people that are not happy with their jobs. They have mentioned various things as an explanation for not liking their jobs. Thi[...]
Are you taking a vacation? First of all I want to encourage you to use all the vacation-days you are entitled to. You may be climbing the corporate ladder, or running your own busi[...]
Do you dread decision making? Some of my private coaching clients decided to start working with me because they had to make some big decisions at work.  They felt they needed some [...]