Every day we live by and follow all kinds of rules, sometimes without even realizing that we are doing it. These can be rules stated in laws or that are part of our culture or ethi[...]
Do you sometimes struggle to find the perfect gift – for your cousin, your own brother or sister, your aunt or your grandpa – not to mention your spouse or significant other. What [...]
It is said that if we spend too much time listening to negative and nagging people we increase the possibility of us behaving in the same way since our brain is like a muscle who r[...]
Recently I read an interview that I found quite interesting, it was with a woman, and it was interesting to me because I started wondering about her life philosophy, or lack thereo[...]
From what I´m told people interpreting dreams say that a house in a dream represents ourselves. I´m going to play a little around with you here and say that our lives are like cars[...]
I´m pretty sure that we are all the same in that way that if we get a stone in our shoe we stop and remove it. Also if we get a splinter in our finger, then we will not go on for l[...]
Do you each and every day live consciously and in relation to who you want to be and where you want to go? Or do days, weeks, months and even years pass without you really thinking[...]