These days I´m very occupied with a sentence one of my mentors said to me recently. She said „Make decisions from where you want to be – not where you are at”. What a brilliant tho[...]
Last Friday night, after a busy week I felt the need to wrap the week in somehow.   I felt I needed to see how aligned my busy-ness is with my values in life and how much I am enjo[...]
Everybody wants to be successful in their lives.  But to be able to evaluate how successful you really are, you first have to come up with your own definition of success. You want [...]
So Now What?  How to Turn Your Successful Life intoSomething Even Better! New 7 weeks / 7 modules Home Study Program now open for enrollment. In the program you will work on Your v[...]
How’s it going to get things done or to perform everything you have decided to do? Are you like the frog that decided to jump but then just sat still? If you experience that you do[...]
Today I want to challenge you with one very thought provoking question – and please be honest when you answer it! How good care are you taking of yourself and your health?  Physica[...]